• What is the SaHo Model about?

    It is an innovative business and financing model for nuclear power, providing benefits to every stakeholder engaged. It is unique and unprecedented in comparison to other business models. It can be applied to a variety of infrastructure projects, not just nuclear. Developed in Poland.

  • Benefits for end-users

    The SaHo Model is able to provide the cheapest energy to all types of end-users who want to participate: businesses, cities and municipalities, as well as households.

  • Benefits for investors

    The SaHo Model offers many advantages to both state investors (e.g. energy companies, government financial institutions) and private investors (like private investment funds, stock market investors, including individual investors etc.).

  • Benefits for the government / state

    The SaHo Model is able to provide benefits to the government and the state that other nuclear business models do not provide at all or not to such a large extent - regardless of whether the government is a direct investor or only supports the private investment project.

  • Benefits for the climate

    Stopping or significantly slowing climate change requires the construction of at least several hundred new large reactors over the next 20-25 years. Traditional business and financing models will not make this possible. The SaHo Model, with its unique Funds Reuse mechanism, is capable of achieving this goal.

Multiple reactors for the price of one

Is an investor able to build as many reactors as he wants for the price of one? Yes! The SaHo Model makes it possible, thanks to the unique mechanism called Reuse of Funds. It is no longer necessary to wait 20-30 years to repay the capital expenditure. Financing large nuclear programmes is no longer a problem.

Nuclear cooperatives around the world

Among other things, the SaHo Model draws on 50 years of experience of nuclear cooperatives and quasi-cooperatives in the United States, Switzerland and Finland. Nuclear power plants are owned not only by large energy companies, but also by small and large industry, cities and municipalities, households and other energy consumers. How exactly do such power plants function? How many are there?

SaHo Model vs. other business models

There are many business models and methods of financing nuclear power. The SaHo Model uses proven elements of some of them and offers its own unique solutions. It belongs to the same group models as the Finnish Mankala and the American electric cooperative, while being a new one. At the same time it differs significantly from the others. So what are the differences between them?

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